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Premises Liability

Owners and occupiers of real property have a duty to keep their premises and approaches safe for their guests and patrons. David J. Blevins, P.C. in Dalton has handled a wide range of Georgia premises liability actions, including incidents occurring in homes, retail establishments and public facilities. Premises cases include those that arise from slip and fall accidents, dog bites, inadequate security or other unsafe conditions.

In personal injury actions that arise from premises liability claims, David’s firm offers strong representation to plaintiffs and defendants. He has a detailed knowledge of the law pertaining to the duty of care, reasonable precaution, proximate cause and damages. He handles all types of liability actions, including cases relating to:

  • Lighting and other unsafe conditions — Falls and other harmful incidents can occur if lighting isn’t sufficient or hazards aren’t properly identified.
  • Dog bites — In claims involving dog bites and other animal attacks, it’s necessary to show that the owner was negligent or aware of the animal’s dangerous nature. To construct the strongest argument, David’s firm investigates each incident thoroughly.
  • Inadequate security — Whether it is a crowded event or an empty parking lot, property owners are bound to protect people invited onto their premises.
  • Slip and fall — A slip and fall can cause serious injury; however, under Georgia law, the property owner has several defenses that can make recovery difficult. It is important to have knowledgeable legal advice to avoid pitfalls and not waste time and money on a fruitless claim.

Whether you are an injured plaintiff or an insurer defending against a premises liability claim, David will assert your rights.

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